Mr. A's Spices and Foods
Branding - © 2019

"The company is built with the founder Antoine in mind - he has a pair of eccentric round glasses and a pointed mustache. I would like these to be the focus of the logo however, open to other ideas as well. 

Antoine is a very kind person, with a natural talent for food and cooking, and also a golden heart. We wanted this brand to have his personality and inspire people the way he inspires us as a friend.

We need it to be slick, modern, friendly. Anyway, just do your thing, Lucas!"

- Ghazal Babai, client.

Reference photos of Antoine sent by Ghazal. Although we can see the many unique features Antoine has, the pics sent were only screenshots of a mobile phone, which made the process harder since the quality was too low to use the conventional techniques of pic-to-logo.​​​​​​
Ghazal already knew what color tones he wanted on the brand. He said it was inspired by the many colors of the hot spices they produce at Mr.A's. My only job here was to select the perfect balance between the colors.
The whole creation process was quite challenging. The client did not have many other pictures of the model, and so I had to come up with a unconventional way to create it's outline. Despite not being used, the sketches were an important part of this process because through them I was able to visualize what the final result would look like.

Instead of using the Threshold method to bring the shades and the highlights, I had to divide the picture into 5 stencils with different levels of shading, color them individually to compose the entire picture, export them as PNG, open on Illustrator, use image trace tool, and then I had to manually soften the edges. 

Probably not the best way around it, but it was the only one possible with what I had! 
6 Concepts were presented to the client to choose the typography.
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